SAVE THE DATE – October 18-20, 2019


GO Fest 2018 rocked38,000 people had access to free, outdoor fun.  They also had a chance to connect with the clubs, businesses and people that help them get outside all year long.

With the excitement and inspiration from last year still pumping through our veins, we’ve decided in 2019 we want to find new ways to get you outside 12 months out of the year (not just in October).  We are stoked to find out what inspires you most and we don’t want to wait until October to hear all about your new adventures, gear, races, and friends.  It’s the year 2019 and we’re all online, so…


Here’s our humble proposal for how to do just that:

  • Have more fun outside this year!  We mean it.  From picnics and walks in your neighborhood to expeditions in wild and far off places, get out there and Live It!
  • Take photos, record videos, and write about it on social media with the tag #roanokegofest.
  • Follow us (@roanokegofest)
    • We will re-post your photos, share accounts that inspire us, and help you make connections within the Roanoke Outdoor Tribe.
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    • WAIT!  Before you pass on that: we think you’ll actually like our emails.  PLUS, we personally hate spam and wasting time.  We promise you will only get one juicy, fun-to-read, inspiring email a month from us.
  • Finally, Save-the-date: We’re all getting together on October 18-20 at GO Fest 2019 for a massive celebration of all our 2019 outings.  Make sure you don’t book a colonoscopy or something.


Follow the leaders: Here are a few Go Festers who are Living It.  Give them a follow and get inspired.  Tag #roanokegofest and maybe you’ll be on this list next month.


  • @wreynoldswrap13 – A runner who’s adding up the miles!
  • @thescrufflepup – A sweet rescue dog living in an adventure van!
  • @seylpark – A photographer from Brevard, NC with an eye for -among many things- bikes and musicians!


  • @roanokegofest – Yes, this is us.  What can we say?  We’re always Living It – GO Fest is our job 😉 .
  • @PLAYroanoke – Roanoke Parks and Recreation is the kind of bunch who’d make Leslie Knope proud.
  • @Roanokeoutside – The regional partnership making it happen for the outdoors in Roanoke.